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An invitation from a team of maverick traders who ditched their day jobs to create the ultimate ‘financial freedom’ forex trading system…

After 15 combined years trialling and testing Forex methods, WE’VE CRACKED IT...

We have made 3000 points since July 2013,
trading at 10 per point this is equivalent to 30k!



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Now You Can Tap into the Same Forex Pay-outs in just 5 Minutes a Day… Even if You’ve Never Traded Before!



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Dear Trader

Sorry if this sounds a bit cloak-and-dagger…

But we keep our identities secret, and our cards close to our chests…

That’s because we’re not your usual ‘city boys’ or trading gurus stuck in front of screens all week.

We’re a group of friends who ditched our day jobs and left the 9-5 for a life of travel and adventure.

Yet, at the same time we also make £3,000-£5000 or more each month from our laptops, wherever we are in the world.

uit thailand

uit thailand

For instance, here I am sailing in Ko Samui off the coast of Thailand.

That very morning I had placed a forex trade using my laptop in just 5 minutes, so the rest of the day was mine to do with as I pleased.

As you’re about to discover, you could do the same…

An internet connection, 5 minutes, and a determination to change your life for the better… that’s all you need.

If you dream of a life where you have the time and money to achieve your goals… whether you want to get rid of financial stress, pay off the mortgage, leave your job, or travel more…

….then this could be the most potentially profitable invitation you’ve ever received.

For the past 18 months we’ve been tapping into global Foreign Exchange (‘forex’) markets, using methods that have taken years of combined expertise to develop.

As you’ll see from the results I’ll show you in a moment…

Our forex trades have netted over 3000 pips since July 2013…

…Trading at £10 a pip that’s a total of £30K!

…that equates to £1,363 income a month.

That’s spending only FIVE MINUTES a day following our instructions.

Which is why I am writing to you today…

You’re invited to join us on our next set of trades so you can do the same, even if you have zero experience.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned forex trader or a total beginner. We do everything for you: the research, analysis, number crunching, chart watching… all that complicated stuff you might associate with trading.

All you have to do is spend 5 minutes following some very straightforward instructions.

There’s no upfront risk on your part. If you respond to this invitation today, I’ll send you everything you need to get set up and trading in two weeks – from scratch – without you needing to commit any money.

And if you’re really risk averse (in which case I salute you!) you could even paper trade with a demo account to make 100% sure we ‘walk the walk’.

Either way, you’ll have 100% proof that you really can make money with our help…

Yes, I’d Like to Follow Your Forex Trading system For 30 Days With No-Commitment

While you’ve nothing to lose, you have so much to gain from being able to trade on the internet.

Just imagine…

trade from anywhere system

A few weeks from now, you wake up, make a coffee and switch on your computer. You could be at home, on holiday, in your favourite café or on a train – that’s up to you.

…Anything goes!

Next you follow a simple set of email instructions that tell you to look at whether a price is ABOVE or BELOW a certain level.

You enter the trade, close your laptop lid, and that’s it. You’re done for the day.

No need to trawl through a complicated manual, or watch endless educational videos.

…No crazy indicators, complex trends or numbers that make your head spin.

…No need to monitor your screen all day.

You can relax, knowing that a team of trading experts have done all that hard work, market research and technical analysis on your behalf.

Okay, you won’t know for sure that your trade will win.

Whatever the so-called ‘trading gurus’ tell you, NOBODY gets it right every single time without fail.

Let’s face it, if we did we’d be making millions of pounds a week instead of tens of thousands of pounds a year, and I certainly wouldn’t be writing to you now.

But I can say this….

You will know with high degree of confidence that you’ll win MORE times than you lose, and that your bank is building up month after month.

Look, here’s a chart showing our forex trades since July 2013, factoring in ALL our losses…

ultimate index trading system success chart

ultimate index trading system success chart

As you can see, this is no ‘get rich quick’ scheme or risky jackpot-hunting. Your bank grows slowly and steadily over time.

Trading at just £5 a point – which is still fairly low for many traders – you could have made £15K in 22 months…

But trading a larger £10 a point that could have made you £30K. (Commissions, fees and charges may apply, however).

Not bad, considering this takes no more than 55 minutes per week spent trading. The rest of the time is yours to do what you like with.

Just imagine what you could do with that kind of extra money in the next 18 months…

Go on holiday? 
Pay off some of the mortgage? 
Wipe your debts? 
Get that new car you’ve been wanting? 
Treat the family?

Whatever you want out of life, it becomes more than possible when you have a second income rolling in from your forex trading.

surfing in bali

Anything is possible, and I’m proof of that.

Five years ago, I lived and worked in Britain.

…I commuted every day.

…I put up with the cold and rain.

…I was lucky to get ONE chance a year to go on holiday with my friends and do what we truly love – extreme sports!

But now that’s all changed.

Thanks to forex trading, I can now work from wherever I want, whenever I want. And I’m determined never to go back.

Now I’d like to offer you the same opportunity to make a change in your life, with the help of me and my team of independent traders.

If you’re interested, then simply click the link below and I’ll sign you up to our trading alerts in a special ‘no obligation’ 30-day trial so you can see what it’s all about with no commitment.

Yes, I’d Like to Follow Your Forex Trades For 30 Days With No-Commitment

However, if you’re a bit unsure I completely understand.

You’re quite right to be sceptical. When it comes to forex there are a lot of sharks in the water.

I’m sure you’ve had plenty of offers before from ‘experts’, ‘insiders’ and ‘ex-City professionals’ who claim to have systems or software that will help you make money as if by magic.

Make no mistake, this isn’t one of them.

So let me explain more about us, and how this works…

How this super-liquid market can make you money

You’ve no doubt heard of forex before? Perhaps you’ve even tried trading it in the past. Just in case you don’t know, forex is the foreign currency market, and there’s really good money to be made from it.

That’s because it’s the most liquid market in the world, estimated at a whopping $5.3trillion.

Just compare that to the stock market’s £191 billion turnover and you’ll see what I mean.

forex trading market


This immense volume means the forex market is very liquid. What’s more, this market never sleeps! Trading goes an all day, every weekday.

With all that money flowing in and out daily, in massive volumes, it’s possible to see clear trends and patterns in the Forex Markets.

If you know what you’re doing, these patterns can be predicted.

In our case we’ve learned to do this with a high degree of accuracy. This isn’t to blow our own trumpet, but as I’ve already said, our trades have netted over 3000 pips since July 2013.

That could equate to £30K if you have £10 a pip to trade with. Even at just £5 a pip this could have generated £15K in 22 months.

So if you would like to make a part time or full time income using the internet, then trading the currency markets is a fantastic way to do it…

But make no mistake, it’s by no means ‘easy’.

Going it alone is a very tough option. It takes years of education – seminars, courses, manuals – plus trial and error as you try and get systems to work in the real world. Never mind paying for software and computer hardware.

You could potentially spend thousands of pounds on developing trading skills… then lose another £10,000 or more in trading errors as you try things out – and invariably get them wrong – on your journey to success.

Perhaps you’ve even tried trading in the past and found yourself losing money or hitting dead ends?

Well, I’d urge you not to throw in the towel yet.

There is an alternative…

….You could let experts do your trading for you.

This is where we come in…

Introducing "Ultimate Index Trading"…

Ultimate Index Trading is made up of a team of anonymous independent traders who have cracked the forex markets – doing it our own way.

We keep our names quiet because we all had high-profile jobs in the past, before we went it alone.

There’s me, at the head of the team. I’m known as The Golden Touch because I used to be a gold trader in the City.


Then there’s Numbers Man – he was chief accountant for a global online retailer. I know of no better number cruncher or risk-analyst.

Tron is our systems and infrastructure man, formerly a high flying IT-professional in the world of finance. 


We enjoyed our previous jobs and did very well out of them. But we didn’t want to be stuck in the office in 9-5pm, getting to work when it was dark and arriving home when it got dark.

Was this really what was going to happen for the rest of our lives?

Each of us wanted financial freedom and the time to live the lifestyle we truly wanted: travel overseas to enjoy active sports such as snowboarding, motocross, kung fu and sailing.

Whatever we decided upon, it had to be quick, easy, simple with a good turnover.

So we began trading. It was the perfect start-up because we could operate from anywhere we wanted, in our own time, using global financial markets to build up our wealth.

At first, we did this individually. Over the years we each tried and tested a lot of trading systems. We lost a lot of money and made many mistakes on the way.

Then two years ago we had an idea…

What if we put our heads together and combined our man-hours, skills and expertise into a trading methodology?

We’d learn from each other’s mistakes!

…And we’d benefit from each other’s successes!

So that’s precisely what we did. We created Ultimate Index Trading: a service in which we combine our trading methods and share them with as small group of like-minded people. Hopefully, people like you.

At Ultimate Index Trading we have a combined experience of 15 years trading financial markets…

After we set up the business eighteen months ago, we began tracking the result on a daily basis.

Very quickly we realised we were making serious money…

Enough money to allow us to spend many months of the year overseas, just as we dreamed.

Since then we’ve travelled and worked in Bali, Thailand and Indonesia. We’ve snowboarded in Europe, holidayed in Australia, and sailed in South Asia.

All it takes is a laptop, our trading system, and a little time spare each day to place the trades.

Now we’d like to share the methods we use to generate pay-outs of £800-£1799 or even more every month from less than an hour a week’s trading.

We’ll even send you our trading set-ups every day so you can follow us in and out of the forex market.

To join us, you don’t have to know anything about trading. And don’t worry, we’re not asking to manage your money or trade on your behalf.

If you take up our invitation, we will give you the means to learn to trade, and give you an insight into the potentially profitable trades we see in the markets.

What you’ll discover is that successful trading is more about the hard work and analysis that goes on behind each trade than any mystical ‘secret formula’.

Because I’ll let you into something that most trading experts don’t like you to know…

No matter what the so-called gurus say…
…there IS NO SECRET to trading

A lot of phony grurus and chancers pretend there’s some hidden ‘turnkey method’ that only true insiders know.

Then they try to sell you their precious secret at a huge price – hundreds, even thousands of pounds.

But it doesn’t really work like that.

You don’t just “stumble” upon a magic formula and become an overnight success. And neither is it about getting your head stuck inside trading books full or theory, using clever mathematics or leaping from method to method.

Making money is all about finding a proven trading system that really works – then sticking with it, using discipline.

That’s why we’ve put in thousands of combined hours studying charts, testing strategies and developing our own signals. And in the past 18 months, our track record shows that we’ve cracked it through hard work, discipline and perseverance.

Here’s a graph of our COMPLETE performance stats for February 2015.

- In February we delivered 4 trades, 3 winners and 1 loss.

MonthTrades:Wins/Losses BE

- We netted 385 points, at £10 a point that's about £3,850.00 banked.

- The total profit for the Ultimate Index Trading service now stands at 3000 points, at £10 a point that's a potential £30K between July 2013 to April 2015.

Or look, here’s a full spreadsheet of my own individual trades…

It shows that starting with a 50k account £4,000 profit in 4 weeks!

ultimate index trading sytem graph

Ok, so you might not have nearly that amount in your trading bank.

But even with just £10,000 that’s a potential £800 in a month, trading less than an hour per week.

Think of it this way…

Where else could you earn £200 per hour?

And remember, this is something you can do from anywhere. As long as you have a computer with internet access. In bed at home, while at work in the office, on the train, on a beach, at a friend’s house – you will no longer have to be tied down.

What’s more, you don’t have to do any of the hard work involved each week. We do all the research, analysis and chart watching for you…

• Learn all the basics of trading – no matter what your current experience, we’ll teach you all the basics of trading, revealing the principles and methods that make money. Of course, if you don’t want to learn, you can do nothing and just follow the trades. It’s up to you!

• See us take a trade in action, watching what we do. If you want to become an independent trader, there’s nothing like hands-on experience.

You can get access to all of this right away as soon as your join Ultimate Index Trading for a 30 day trial. You are covered by a full money back guarantee in that time. If you’d like to make it totally risk free you can follow the trades on paper of with a demo account.

Either way, that’s two weeks of daily trade updates, plus a free foundation course to give you all the basics, set-up details and methods we use.

Yes, I’d Like to Follow Your Forex Trades For 30 Days With No-Commitment

While there’s no risk in joining us now to see what we’re all about, let me give you some more details to help you decide.

How we pick our trades at Ultimate Index Trading

Quite frankly, we’re not interested helping you scalp for 5-10 baby pips here and there.

The idea is to make you serious money without you constantly trading and screen watching.

On average we look for just 4-5 big swing trade setups a month from the forex markets. And we aim for at least 50-500 pips a trade – or we're simply not interested.

In our experience, this is what you need to enough money from trading to free you from the shackles of your 9-5, or liberate you from a retirement of scrimping and worrying about money.

Of course, there are many factors that influence the movement of a currency. These are either:

• TECHNICAL (how the price is behaving). There are hundreds of different technical indicators. But we use a select few that we’ve tried and tested over the years. Whenever we make a trade, we always know how much profit we expect to take, where the stop loss should be and what the entry price is.


• FUNDAMENTAL (economic factors that drive markets). Economic factors can affect currency prices. These are not the same for each country. For example, Canada and Australia have economies that are dependent upon commodity prices like oil and copper. If the prices of these commodities go up or down this can impact on their currencies. So we can have to look at fundamentals like these – and many more – when we decide to place a trade.
Many forex tipsters look only at technical factors, such as the pattern and trends in the price, which is what they teach traders because it’s simpler.

But that’s not how the complex world of trading really works.

At Ultimate Index Trading, we have the combined skills and expertise to do BOTH….

We will do all the fundamental and technical analysis for you so if you want you can sit back and just take our trades assured that we are joining up all the dots for you.

We then email you the trading set-up with all the instructions you need to make the trade in just 5 minutes.

The trade alerts are usually emailed between 7.00am & 4.30pm UK time. Each one has a simple structure where we give you the price at which to enter the market, the profit target and the stop loss.

Here’s an example...


All you need is access to the internet on your computer or mobile phone.

Once you have confirmed the order, there is no screen watching to do. All the work has been taken care of by the dealing platform. We will keep you updated of any changes if the market shifts unexpectedly.

So you can relax and wait for price to move the way we predict. It might take only a few hours. Perhaps even a day.

We’ll make sure you know exactly when and how to lock in that trade, so all you have to worry about is how to spend your extra money. 
And this is where trading gets exciting.

Are you 100% happy with your life?
If not, here’s something that can help change things.

At Ultimate Index Trading we don’t believe that money is important…

If so, we’d have stuck at our old jobs, doing the 9-6.

What’s important is how money can help you to do things you really want in life.

And this is where an extra income from trading could help you change your life for the better.

I know traders who go right out after the first month and buy a home cinema sound system… others who put the money into savings for the kids or clear their debts…

….and others like ourselves, who put that money back into their trading pot, so they can keep trading and making MORE money whenever and wherever they like.

That’s how we’re now working from our laptops across the world, with plenty of spare time for travel and sports.

So it’s entirely up to you.

You can follow our daily trade updates to move in and out of the forex market for potential profits each week…

Or you can also learn trading skills that will make you financially independent for life.

We help you understand WHY the forex markets move the way they do…

Okay, so I hope I’ve convinced you to take a look at our service for 30 days. Whether you need extra income or you’re looking to escape the 9-5 grind, this could be the answer.

If you do seize this opportunity, here’s what you’re going to get.

TRADE ALERTS - we’ll send you our forex updates, weekday, and if we alert a trade setup it will include entry and exit points, profit and stop loss targets. This can be by email or SMS. Everything is laid out clearly and simply, so it takes just 5 minutes to act on the information.

FULL SUPPORT - should you get stuck or have any questions, so you can email us for help. We want to make this as straightforward as possible for you, so we’ll be on hand with the support you need.

FREE FOREX FOUNDATION COURSE - To help you get the most out of the alerts you’ll get Top Trading Insights, a newsletter that delivers a foundation course in forex trading tips, from beginner tips about setting up an account to advanced tips on psychology and what really moves markets. It includes:

How to follow our trades, giving you an example of one of our winning trades.

• The latest Information on the markets, how they work and what is important to know.
• Essential background on forex and the global currency markets.
• Details of how our technical indicators work .
• How to avoid the common pitfalls of trading – including how to master the art of thinking like a trader, avoiding the perils of fear and greed.

As well as all this, we’d like to send you the following bonus gifts...


Bonus #1 - Foundation Forex E-Book - A Fast Track To Trading Success.This reveals everything you need to know about the three key attributes that contribute to the black swan events in the markets.

Also, we'll provide you with a traders plan to help show you how to put the information from our insights together and provide some valuable trading examples.

Bonus #2 - A Daily Traders Diary to help you bust the Market jargon. No more scratching your head over obscure phrases and professional slang. We’ll help you cut through the jargon to understand what you need to know about trading the markets.

This is all yours to trial for the next 30 days with no obligation – if it’s not for you, you can walk away and you’ll have paid nothing for the experience.

All you need to do is seize the opportunity.

Yes, I’d Like to Follow Your Forex Trades For 30 Days With No-Commitment

So how much will all this cost?

Okay, so let’s look first at how much you could earn purely by follow our information.

In February 2015 alone we netted 385 points, at £10 a point that's about £3,850.00 you could have banked.

Our total profit since July 2013 stands at 3000 points. At £10 a point. That's about

£30K banked. Or £15K at £5 a point – which is over £1000 a month profit.

Remember, we do absolutely all the research, screen watching and analysis for you. This means you don’t have to do anything except spend 5 minutes a day following the instructions in our alert.

Bearing this in mind, I hope you’ll find our price more than reasonable...

For membership of Ultimate Index Trading we’re only asking for £79.95 per month.

…that’s less than £20 a week for a team doing all the market research, trading set-ups and follow-up information for you. Plus the foundation course and bonuses.

However, today we’d like to make you a special offer…

Get our daily trading alerts, forex foundation course, e book and traders diary for only £27.95

Trial us for a special discounted rate

Try us today, and you can get the first 30 days at a special discount rate of £27.95!

This is totally refundable should you decide not to continue with Ultimate Index Trading.

So that’s under £10 to try out everything we have to offer.

And by the way, this is 100% unconditional. There’s no need to prove you’ve followed the trades. If you’re unhappy for any reason at all we’ll give you a full refund.

No quibbles, no questions asked.

However, if you do decide to stick with us, we’ll send you two more bonuses after you’ve paid your first £79.95.

Claim these TWO extra bonuses TODAY!

Bonus #3 - A LIVE VIDEO of a trade we take ourselves so that you can see how we do it - There’s nothing like seeing trading in action to get a true understanding of how money is made.

Bonus #4 - A guide how to set up our Fibonacci Levels and we specify many new settings. If you want to sit back and simply follow our trades, that’s fine, but if you’d like to trade more independently, we’ll hand over our technical indicators for you to set up and use however and whenever you like.

I hope you’ll come and join us at Ultimate Index Trading. We’d love to show you how profitable and easy it is to trade forex using our combined experience and skills.

You’re not just getting a team of experts to do all the work for you, we’ll help you develop your own trading and become financially independent. Perhaps one day you’ll be jetting over Bali yourself – first class!

Reserve your place today, and you could start earning £XX-£XX a month from forex trading in just 5 minutes a day.

But if you’re unhappy for any reason at all, let me know within 30 days and you can have a refund on your £27.95

However, once you see the kind of profits we can make you and just how easy it is to trade, I think you’ll want to stick with us for a long time.

That’s our hope anyway – just let us prove it to you.

Yes, I’d Like to Follow Your Forex Trades For 30 Days With No-Commitment

Best wishes,

ultimate index trading logo


The Golden Touch
& The Ultimate Index Team

PS: It couldn’t be easier to try Ultimate Forex Trading for the next 30 days, obligation-free,. Click the link below and we’ll send you our daily updates, Forex Foundation Course and free bonus for just £27.95 – and it’s totally refundable.

PPS: You don’t need any special equipment or previous experience. As long as you have a computer and internet connection, then you’re ready to make money.

Yes, I’d Like to Follow Your Forex Trades For 30 Days With No-Commitment

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ultimate Index Trading is for education only and not intended to be specific financial advice, nor a money management service decisions. Commissions, fees and charges can reduce returns. Tax depends on your location and may be subject to change. Trades carry high level of risk. Prices may move up or down.


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Otherwise, please continue my membership of the Ultimate Index Trading at £79.95 per month. I may unsubscribe at any time I choose.

As soon as I join I’ll receive the following bonuses as instant gifts: Top Trading Insights E-Book and Daily Traders Diary.

If I continue after my trial I can also two receive 2 further bonuses: A Live Video of a trade we take ourselves, and a guide to setting up our signals and indicators.


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