German Dax Trading- Nice One for My Subscribers

German Dax Trade

I've been quiet of late, busy looking after my existing subscribers amongst other things. But I thought it worth posting a recent trade that many of you were/are really pleased with. I originally highlighted it  in the 2nd June Big Call newsletter.

German Dax Trading Chart 

'The German DAX
The DAX is now at 11332 down 98 points. Similar action on the DAX with maybe some backing and filling now due - see chart above.'

In fact things ended up progressing, and whilst working my way through a lunchtime treat (I won't mention her name) at a mere whiff over 11500, we got the downside we were waiting for:

German Dax Chart Nice

Here's the action without the dialog box in the way:

German Dax Clear Trading Chart

At the time of writing, it is still going (unlike me). So there you have it, well done to those of you who had the patience to wait for the big move and enjoy watching it play out.