Hi John, this may seem strange but is it possible for the average non professional trader to actually make money trading?

I have read many books including your own I have been to seminars done online training and covered the art of technical analysis ranging from simple support and resistance to Murray Maths at best all I seem to do is break even I just can not get in front ?

I don't consider myself the brightest star in the universe but I am not the dimmest! The problems seems to be I lose when my stops are breached and then my winners are merely making up for my stop losses, I have given up on scalping that seems hard work and being at the screen for hours looking for opportunities so I have tended to opt for swing trades over several days but when my stop go that is the pain it is frustratingly when I move stop losses to what I consider is market structure only to see the market go the way I wanted it to or be stopped out and the trend change.

I have been practising this trading game now for about two years, I knew that it was never going to be easy and I have proved myself right.

Can I Use The Same Technical Signals For More Than One Index?

I have been trading forex for about 6 months and following Mark for about 3 months, taking his trades without using much discretion - (and it's been good!). My question is can you use the same technical signals for the FT Index as you would do for Forex or are there some subtle, or not so subtle, differences? I trade almost always with trend using price action (high/low tests and congestion breakouts), and using pivots / 50 ema on the 5 min mainly. I would like to use a little more discretion to gain more satisfaction out of trading the FT Index.

Tunnel Trader

I have been unable to find any sites where I can purchase "Tunnel Trader".
Please advise if it is still available and if so where.

I did find a product which I think is the same under another name "TT Tripwire System"
promoted by Darren Hughes from Agora Finance.
Is this yours under another name?

Thank You,