NQ Futures Trades

A couple on the NQ, didn't have time to post yesterday. These 2 trades (collectively over 40 ticks) came in less than an hour of my attention!

 Image 1 Showing NQ 123 Break Trade

Image 1 Showing NQ 123 Break Trade

 Image 2 Showing NQ Pullback Trade

Image 2 Showing NQ Pullback Trade

I was rushing to go out (it was Friday afternoon after all). These trades collectively helped towards a fun Friday night...

NQ Futures Trade

Another quick pullback trade. Got in on this late in the day today. Normally I don't like to participate this long after the opening, but it was a quick 17 ticks. Doesn't sound like much, but at $22 per tick, it will buy dinner...

 Image of Entry - Trading NQ Futures

Image of Entry - Trading NQ Futures

Trading FTSE

August 23 2016 Trade on the Ftse (Example Chart).

  Image of   Ftse 100  with proof of trade

This Ftse Trade was nothing special really. A quick 12 points. Nothing much really happened after this example, which proves once again that it is better to get trading out of the way as soon as possible after the open.

Proof of trade (entry and exit) are at the bottom left of the chart image.

Trading Dow

August 23 2016 Trade on the Dow Jones (Example Chart):

 Trade Dow Jones Chart Image: 2016.8.23

I was distracted when the best trade on this Dow Jones chart lined up (I know, excuses, excuses...). The example shows where price briefly touches the purple centre Bollinger line above. 

But I managed to eek out almost 20 points from the bottom up. You had to be really quick for both of these trades, so a keen eye is essential. Price just went horribly sideways after I exited.

Proof of trade (entry and exit) are at the bottom left of the image.


What is included in the Big Call Report?

Firstly, a bang up to date video clip. Inside the video report, we discuss detailed charts of where the immediate opportunities lie. 


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1. Introduction

Since Tuesday's report we have experienced classic corrective, fairly directionless action. Having said that we currently have waves A and B of the pullback off the recent peaks suggesting a C wave ...

2. UK FTSE 100

The FTSE is now at 6138 down 8 points. A C wave ...

3. The German DAX
The DAX is now at 9710 down 12 points. The chart below shows the action and ...

 The German Dax Image

4. The Dow

The Dow closed yesterday at 17000 up 36 points, with IG now quoting it at 17010 (+10). We already have an A-B-C rally off the lows here but ...

5. The Japanese NIKKEI DOW

The Nikkei Dow closed this morning at 16852 up 210 points. The rally ...

6. Gold (UK cash)

Gold is holding support around $1250 so far.

7. China 300

China 300 is now at 2813 on IG. Looks like we are seeing my main alternative ...


I bought the Volatility Index (April 2016) last week on IG around 20.50. The logic of this trade is this index (aka the VIX) cannot ...