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PRO-TRADER - our training plan to make you at least £120,000 pa

We are now launching our trading mentorship package for 2014.

We are only taking on 15 new clients and if you sign up now you will be our main focus in 2014.

If you are serious about finding a trading system that works, this is the package for you!

If you have read my book WEALTH IS A CHOICE you will know that being wealthy is simply a choice you choose to make...

or not to make.

It is all about choice.

A few months back we launched the GRADUATE TRADING SCHEME and PRO-TRADER and we have now built up a solid record of success. Here is what some of our clients have said... (some of these are quite lengthy but this is a major investment and we are proud of our clients and what they have achieved!)...

... I count myself very fortunate in finding you guys early, initially through TGFL last April. As a team the service you provide is so much more than just being about trading mentors and systems. The ever-present "value added" is difficult to articulate and quantify currently; something I think that will be easier to do with greater hindsight this time next year. ColinC

Yogi: Mark, I'm absolutely elated ... thanks for your mentorship

Yogi (2): Merry Xmas to all. Invaluable lessons learnt... from a great group of traders

Hi Mark

Aldo (2): Fantastic month for me, thanks Mark!

So I was a total beginner in February, never been anywhere near a spread betting website, I'd bought and sold some shares in past but nothing like this. I saw Mark's advert in an e mail from ADVFN and it really appealed as it was something that always made me curious. 

I didn't really understand Mark's e mail reports each day so he recommended doing John Pipers Kraut Gap modules (a trading system based on the German Dax).  I read all of those and by the end of them, I felt I could understand the basics.  I stared with really small practice trades and made some really schoolboy errors to start with. 

Also, even though it's repeated again and again, it took a while for me to get hold of my emotions, resulting in me losing half my initial pot.  It's really strange how even though discipline is clearly the difference between success and failure, I still strayed from the rules, to begin with anyway.  After reading some more and after attending the seminar in early spring, things started to change. 

Not only my understanding of the whole process but my attitude towards trading became wholly professional with no exceptions.  Since adopting this 100% self discipline and following Mark's advice to the letter, not only have I gained back the money I initially lost but I am now bordering on a 200% profit from my original pot, in under 3 months.  Now I am making more profit every week and can easily see this as being a substantial regular income for me in the future.


Trading room is brilliant, takes learning to a different level, the new style of questions and answers really helps with detailing our analysis, every evening I go back over the posts and write a summary which helps me enormously, at the weekend I read all my daily sheets again and do like a weekly summary of what I feel I learnt that week. Philip Kershaw

Graham Levene* Have a great Christmas Mark.....thanks for all your help this year. I’m up over £80k since summer.

*To see Mark's interview with Graham go HERE

PhillipL: Thanks Mark - I am up more this month than I earnt in my last job :-)

PaulM: Yup...17% for me (this month) Mark thank you.

Thank you Mark for the help advice and being a superb mentor. Thanks for the contributions you have given this past 6 months in the Trading Room - My trading has taken on a new dimension and meaning since joining you, JP and Cameron.


We are now taking on a maximum of 15 new clients to the PRO-TRADER system and trading mentorship program (we cannot take on any more). Our aim is that you each end the year with annualised earnings of £120,000 pa.

WE ALREADY HAVE CLIENTS HITTING £10,000+ PER MONTH; this goal is very achievable!

The course costs less than 10% of this target and, of course, we are not just talking about you making £120,000 in one year, but year after year after year!

We want to give you MASSIVE VALUE - many, many times the cost!

We have now formulated a clear path for PRO-TRADER and this involves...

  • A comprehensive trader training package developed by three professional traders


  • The package is based on trading techniques fully tested in the heat of market action.

  • We have identified key skills which progressively build up to a winning mind set and these are carefully built into the scheme

  • These skills are not just relevant to trading but will also set you up for life

  • Regular and exclusive webinars to make sure you are on track

  • Four seminar sessions

  • Clear benchmarks of your progress as you can match your results against daily trading results and monthly targets

  • Access to exclusive trading rooms 

  • Access to DVDs and video clips from our archive and going forwards

  • Possibly of joining our team with a very high reward structure 

  • Access to all we do when you want it (subject to minimum payment requirements)

  • Intensive support if you miss key targets

  • Details attention to the psychology of trading

  • KEY: We help you develop your own personalised trading methodology.


As an example the benchmark here is MAKING MONEY. Within 3 months our target is modest - profits of at least £1,000 per month!

By the end of the course it is £10,000 per month!!

Achieve this and the cost becomes trivial, that is the plan.

There are two components to your profit level:

  • One if the "points" you make per month

  • The other is how much you trade in £££s per point

We now have a POWERHOUSE OF POINTS and the real time trading rooms are proving very, very productive.

Between the trading rooms and the services we would expect you to achieve at least 200 points per month. In fact we would want to see you trading at least £10 per point by the end of month 3.

With the positive reinforcement of success we would look to increase this to £50 per point by month 12

Be advised that the idea is we work together to these goals. Clearly we cannot make you trade or make you trade at a certain size

PRO-TRADER - £1297 pm

Pay Monthly:

OR SAVE 16% by paying up front - CASH SUM - £12997 - please contact us to set up a bank transfer.

First come, first served!

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What my existing clients say:

Hi John ,

I'm very sorry that after some 27 years of subscribing to your excellent service I have decided to cancel my standing order .

I would like to thank you with the deepest sincerity for everything you have done over these many years and which has allowed me the freedom to live a life [ I wouldn't say entirely carefree ] but nevertheless one of incredible ,perhaps unparalleled ,freedom relative to most others. 

I am going on a long trip I have been planning for some time-and without any computers or anything much technical at all. I will certainly miss your reports and guidance, but am sure I will be back at some point. 

All the very best and thank you once again.


P.S. By all means publish this testimonial to your undoubted talents

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