For those of you that are interested in trading the FTSE, my trading partner and I Mark Austin developed this service. I'll let him do the introduction.

Tired of Struggling Away Alone Trying to Make Trading Profits? Why Not Just Follow Me?

I Aim to Make 1,000 Points For my Subscribers in The Next 12 Months. Why Not Join us?


Mark Austin - Creator of the Magnetic FTSE Service

Mark Austin - Creator of the Magnetic FTSE Service

My name is Mark Austin and I’ve been successfully trading the markets (particularly the FTSE) for over 10 years.

During that time I’ve talked to hundreds of traders. Many of them are doing very nicely and making steady profits from their favourite systems.

Others hop from system to system, seeking the ‘Holy Grail’ of trading.

But the one thing I’m asked for time and again is an early morning ‘alert’ from an experienced trader, pointing out the hot trades they should get into that day.

You know what? I totally understand this.

It can be a lonely business staring at the screen wondering if you should pull the trigger on a trade or not. We all love no-brainer trades that leap out at us; but many trades are more tricky and it can be an emotional roller-coaster wondering whether to get in (or out!).

I often find that a trader’s emotional bank account runs out before their actual bank account!

Maybe this is why traders in a dealing room do well. It’s because they have the support of other traders, and they probably have a ‘mentor’ too – a wiser head who can look over their shoulder and keep them on the straight and narrow.

Trading ‘home alone’ has neither of these benefits—although it can be very profitable of course.

Even if you just want trading ideas to incorporate into your current strategies you will find a lot of value in my service. For example are you aware when institutional money comes into the market? Do you understand the significance of “dividend Tuesday?” If not, you are leaving fair amounts of money on the table as both of these provide great trading opportunities.

I make fantastic money from trading. Armed only with my laptop I can hang out in some of the most beautiful parts of the world, trade for half an hour a day and make enough money to enjoy an amazing lifestyle.

Hardly anything to do; virtually zero overhead; no hassle – just lots of lovely profit and the time to enjoy it.

It doesn’t get better than this!

Trading brings amazing benefits and it doesn’t surprise me at all when even experienced traders ask to join my service – good ideas are always useful and in the markets simply mean more profit!

What to do...?

Well these confessions started me thinking, and so in 2010 I decided to carry out an interesting experiment...

My idea was this: 

Since I’m making regular trades anyway, why not just share these with a select group of others so that they can profit too?

My idea was to let people ‘look over my shoulder’ whilst I traded. Naturally I decided to charge a modest fee for this service, but I was intrigued to see if, by simply following me, others could make the same fantastic money that I was making.

Let me hold it there for a moment in case you have an obvious question. I mean, if I’m making great money and I share my trades with others, what could possibly stop them from duplicating my success?

The answer is important and it’s why I keep this ‘inner circle’ group small. You’re probably busy and so I’d like to give you the chance to rule yourself out of this opportunity at an early stage, to save yourself the bother of reading further.


 ...this is NOT for everyone, only a special few.

What’s so special about my group?

You’ll laugh when I tell you. This group of people have the unique ability to... do what I tell them!

“What? Is that all? I could do that!” I hear you cry. But I wonder.... You’d be surprised how many people cannot resist fiddling with my astonishingly successful and proven FTSE System (I call it the Magnetic FTSE System – or MFS for short).

They place trades which are nothing to do with the system. They bet more (or less) money than I tell them to, because they have a ‘hunch’ or a ‘gut feeling’.

You may laugh, but I’ve seen it so often.

So I need to ask you this vital question... 

If you want steady trading profits and the lifestyle I enjoy, are you willing to sit back and let ME tell YOU what to do on a daily basis? And do you think you have the discipline to actually do it?

I’ll leave that with you as only you can answer.

Now here’s the exciting thing...

I shared this with a few amateur traders back in 2010 and the results were amazing. Just by copying what I was doing, they started to make great money too!

Emboldened by this, I allowed more subscribers into the inner sanctum.

I was hesitant at first. Would allowing more people to copy me somehow affect profits?

Not a bit of it! 


My service was launched early in 2010 and is both proven and mature. Since then we are up well over 2,000 points! (See chart below.)

Magnetic FTSE Trading System Increases

Now here’s the important thing...

I didn’t compile this chart!

It was put together by one of my subscribers who is so impressed by the trades I recommend that he just had to see how it looks graphically - well now you know. It looks fabulous!

The chart starts in February 2010 and goes up to the end of last month and you will see that my trading produced well in excess of 2,000 points out of the FTSE

If you had been trading at £10 per point that amounts to over £20,000!

And many people trade at £20, £50 or more per point.

The conclusion I came to was this:

I am convinced that any reasonably intelligent person can make a steady living in under half an hour a day trading the markets by just following a successful, professional trader.

I made 2,000+ points during that period and I aim to make another 1,000 for my subscribers in the next 12 months.

1,000 @ £10 = £10,000/year

1,000 @ £20 = £20,000/year

1,000 @ £50 = £50,000/year

You can see there’s a very decent second income to be had here, especially when you think this is in addition to your existing trading activities (if any) and it only takes a few minutes a day because I do all the work for you.

Of course I don’t win all the time but any losses are always strictly controlled and you can see from the table that they have had little effect on my progress!

Now I’m sure you understand that at this point I am legally obliged to tell you that past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. In future years, losses may occur more often, but I have been trading professionally for ten years now and my systems have been proven again and again.

So here’s something to consider...

Wouldn’t it make sense to be taken under the wing of a professional trader with an enviable track record?

I’m sure you can see the profit potential!

And of course it isn’t just about following my trades like a robot. 

I’ll be teaching you exactly what I do, with the aim of setting you on the path of lifetime trading profits. 

So you won’t be dependent upon me forever!

Which brings me on to why I am writing this... 

A Time Limited Opportunity

Every few months, as students ‘fly the nest’ the opportunity arises for a lucky few people to join the Inner Sanctum of those using MFS to make a second income.

Please understand that after I have my quota of new students, I close the doors and this opportunity is finished for another few months.

Magnetic FTSE Trading Product Image - Good Call

This is your opportunity to get into steady trading profits, guided by a professional trader with an enviable 10 year track record.

It’s first-come, first-served so you need to act quickly if you are to get one of the places. Because of the mentoring service I offer, I am taking just 50 new students on this intake. I expect those places to go very fast.

With that understood, here is what you can expect from MFS membership.

It is all about helping you make money in the markets. I have over 10 years of experience trading the FTSE so I know what I'm looking for

I concentrate solely on the FTSE 100.

Why? Because that's where I have most experience and success. Over 10 years, I have built up a wealth of knowledge on how to trade this market successfully, which I pass on to my inner circle of subscribers.

The objective of this service is to provide a unique insight into how a professional trader goes about his business, allowing you to follow proven winning techniques.

All degrees of risk management, market analysis and money management are covered, as well as the techniques to provide you with an edge on the market.

In addition you will also be given exclusive access to high probability trades every week - so you can profit as I do.

Low Risk

My service adopts a low risk strategy and is suitable for those who want to trade with small trading accounts.

But does low risk mean small profits? Not so far!

So far this service has already produced a tax free income in excess of £4,000 using as little as £2 a point!

Here is how the service operates...

Key Trading Calls by SMS Text and Email

When you subscribe to MFS I will be in touch with you regularly showing you the low risk opportunities I trade myself.

Every morning you will get an email setting out my plan for the day so that you can make money alongside my own trading.

On average I will be giving you 2 trades a week, seeking out solid BUY and SELL signals to make maximum gains from the FTSE 100 - I specialise in this market and I know it like the back of my hand.

Often these trades arise from my ‘early morning briefing’ which you will receive by email between 07h45 and 08h00 so you know what to do well before the market has even opened. 

Magnetic FTSE Trading Product Review

But the best calls could come at any time - not just when you happen to be at your computer. That's why, unlike many other trading sites, I will send an SMS text message to your mobile phone (plus an e-mail) every time I open or close a trade after the early morning trading report - so you can make sure you don't miss out on the latest trade.

What's more, I'll always tell you at what point the market would negate a trade and many of my subscribers use these points as stop loss levels - so if something does go wrong, you can limit your losses.

Personal Trading Mentor

But it’s not all about trading alerts. One feature that has made this service one of the most popular trading services in the UK is the mentorship aspect.

I share a vast amount of my knowledge so you can learn and profit from the market as I do.

Plus you get regular market analysis/forecasts to aid your own trading business so that you understand why I am taking a trade before I even take it. In fact I’ve added a fair bit to the service since we started out including...


A high probability target system (70% win rate) showing where the FTSE is heading for that day with an accompanying low risk set up. (But low risk does not mean low profit!)


A trade specifically designed for those with almost no time to trade but who still want a second income.


Identifying the medium term direction of the FTSE. This part of the service is suited to swing trading and will help traders plan their own trades.

And in addition you will also get all of this:

SMS trades for various other strategies I employ on the FTSEFull system disclosure on select strategies (so that you can eventually become independent of me)Daily AnalysisMentorship

If that little lot is not enough to tempt you, I also want to send you video of a full day's ‘behind closed doors’ seminar I gave to my clients worth £595.00 – absolutely FREE!

 The Ultimate Trading Video

“Thanks for the signals! With this one trade, the system has already paid for itself. Fantastic!” S. T.

Magnetic Trading FTSE Review ST

Magnetic Trading FTSE Review ST

These videos condense all my knowledge from over 10 years of trading the FTSE into one exclusive day held for a select few traders at Wotton House

Sadly, many traditional courses you buy are taught by failed traders or even non traders! Yes, it’s a sad fact that there are ‘gurus’ out there teaching trading who do not actually trade themselves!

Having such poor teaching is a big reason why so many struggle at trading as they are learning strategies and methods taught by failed traders.

In sharp contrast, my methods are those used by professional traders and you may well find this very different to what you have learned in the past. You may even find it controversial.

In sharp contrast, my methods are those used by professional traders and you may well find this very different to what you have learned in the past. You may even find it controversial.

These powerful videos strip away all the irrelevant information on trading and focuses only on what the professional’s use every day to make consistent money out of the FTSE.

These videos are a must for anyone who is serious about trading and has thus far struggled with traditional trading methods.

The majority fail at trading because everyone is following the same rules and most of these rules revolve around lagging indicators such as RSI, MACD etc. By the time the indicator flags a trade, it’s often TOO LATE and the opportunity has gone.

These amazing videos also cover:

  • The Lifestyle trader
  • The professional approach to price action
  • Gap Trading
  • Elliott WavesThe ultimate power of systems and strategies
  • Binary Trading
  • Professional trading psychology
  • Risk Control and Money Management

And a lot more besides. Those who attended on the day were happy to pay £595 and were blown away by the content.

Now you can get your hands on this same information absolutely free of charge.

The systems outlined in these videos have provided me with the ‘free lifestyle’ that I now lead. I currently live in the Far East lapping up the sun and sea. If I choose to move on, all I need is my laptop, internet access, and my strategies. This is one of the many perks of becoming a full time trader. 

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s proof.

A client recently sent me in a copy of his trading account showing the profits he’d made in just a single day using my methods.

Trading Statement For Magnetic FTSE Service

…and here are his comments:

Magnetic FTse Trading Service - Comments

Here's what leading trader and best-selling investment author John Piper says about my service:

John Piper Author of The Way To Trade

John Piper Author of The Way To Trade

"When I met Mark I was enormously impressed with his trading abilities, so much so that I decided to recommend him to my clients."

So what would be a fair price to pay for such a personalised trading service?

I considered charging £200 a month just to keep the price really low for everyone. After all, that is only £50 a week and you would expect to make that back in a single, modest trade!

But if you have not yet attended one of my seminars or heard of my profitable trading techniques, that is a lot to ask on trust.

So I decided to knock £133 off my initial low price and settled on a very modest fee of £67/month – that’s just £2.36 a day – less than the cost of a cup of Costa coffee!

I think it’s fair to say that if £2.36 a day is out of your league, you shouldn’t even consider trading!

I can set this price ridiculously low because I know that once you have seen how much money you can make from trading like the professionals, you will probably attend a seminar or two down the line and I’ll make my profit then.

So what would be a fair price to pay for such a personalised trading service?  I considered charging £200 a month just to keep the price really low for everyone. After all, that is only £50 a week and you would expect to make that back in a single, modest trade!  But if you have not yet attended one of my seminars or heard of my profitable trading techniques, that is a lot to ask on trust.  So I decided to knock £133 off my initial low price and settled on a very modest fee of £67/month – that’s just £2.36 a day – less than the cost of a cup of Costa coffee!  I think it’s fair to say that if £2.36 a day is out of your league, you shouldn’t even consider trading!

I hope that’s fair – a really affordable price now, and I’ll make some money at a later stage when you have proved that I walk the talk.

Remember, for this discounted fee you get EVERYTHING I have discussed here:

  • Personal emails from me telling you which way I think the FTSE is going.
  • Urgent SMS text alerts (and emails) if something big is about to happen.
  • The full day video of my ‘behind closed doors’ seminar, worth £595.
  • The amazing Magnet Trading System
  • Lifestyle Trade
  • Medium Term Forecast
  • Mentorship from me

It’s an amazing package at a ridiculously low price.

Is There a Guarantee?

Of course! I stand by all of my products and training because I know they work. I also know that once you get MFS working for you, I wouldn’t be able to bribe you enough to give it up!

I know that...  but right now you probably don’t. And that’s fair enough. It’s why I feel totally confident in offering the following guarantee:

Magnetic FTSE Trading Service Guarantee

It’s Decision Time!

You’ve probably done a bit of trading but has it been as successful as you wanted it to be?

In my view, to be successful, you must learn from a successful trader. I have 10 years of success behind me with many hundreds of students profiting from my methods.

By all means carry on with what you are doing, but wouldn’t it to be great to sit back and be shown exactly what to do for a while?

Magnetic FTSE Service Review Azher

It certainly takes a lot of stress out of the situation!

If you want to grab one of those 50 places you really will need to act quickly. Once word gets out, they’ll be gone.

The only commitment I ask from you at this stage is to pay the first subscription covering 2 months (this should be 2 x £67 = £134 BUT see below) which I fully expect you to make back within a few short days of trading the FTSE my way.

I charge quarterly thereafter as it keeps the admin costs down. The advantage to you is that you get to ‘check me out’ for a 2 full months before deciding whether to continue or not.

And of course, if within 31 days you are not totally convinced, the first payment is fully refundable, as I’ve promised.

But I’d like to offer you something even more amazing. Here’s the deal I’ve decided upon.

I am reducing the first 2-month's fee to just £97, a whopping 27% off the usual price and you still get the videos – I don’t even want to know how much discount you are getting if we add the value of the videos into the equation! In other words, you’ll be paying just a tad over £1.60 a day!

On top of that you continue to get a 7% discount on all future quarterly payments paying just £187 rather than £201.

So if you want to make consistent profits, without any of the work, stress or agonising then sign up for MFS right now. Please do it immediately otherwise the moment will pass and you will miss this chance. All the places will be gone.

I really look forward to teaching you how to make a Quantum Leap in your trading profits.

To sign up just click the 'Join Now' button below or if you want more information feel free to email me at


Mark Austin

P.S. Because of the mentoring service we can only take on 50 new traders at this time!

P.P.S. Don't forget there is a full money back guarantee, see above.


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