There are many trading systems on this site, but Krautgap is one of the most simple and easy to learn

Who's it for then?  

I created Krautgap for those that have limited time at the moment, but would ultimately like to begin learning how to extract money from the markets.

If you are new, this may seem a huge task and there are many sites on the internet offering trading tips and advice. Plus a huge catalogue of Youtube video's that can cause a newcomer to be completely overwhelmed. But why not watch them all? The warnings below explain why.


The trouble is that trading is completely unique and what works for one individual, simply won't work for another. If you don't believe me, go and try paper trading for a little while. If you do well, then go and open a trading account and trade small lots.


The moment that you start trading with real money, everything changes and when you lose on a trade (this is guaranteed) after a couple of times, you will jump to another Youtube video or website, and the process will have you in a loop of steady consistent losses.


When your losses outweigh your profits, you WILL give up. Let me repeat that. You WILL give up. You’ll convince yourself that it isn’t for you and that ‘everyone loses money’.

So what’s the secret? How do successful, profitable traders enjoy the kind of freedom and lifestyle that many people only dream of?

By engaging yourself and accepting small losses (which are inevitable) and staying firm with a trade when it is profitable. Once you learn the discipline, you will have that ‘Eureka’ moment that proves that one profitable trade will completely annihilate many of the smaller unsuccessful trades in one fell swoop.

Now that you know the secret, you may be thinking ‘great, I’ll go and try it’. Whoa, not so fast. Time for...


Human emotions are working against you (how to overcome these are described in the course). New traders won’t know how to identify or hold on to those winning trades. These emotions and fears must be overcome in order to trade profitably.

Don’t believe it and think you are ready? Bookmark this page and go and try trading with some hard earned money. If you are lucky, you may even do well to start with. This success will fuel and motivate you, causing you to take risks and then all of a sudden BANG, a heavy loss will occur and you will be completely demotivated. Worse still, you may end up losing your investment.

If you decide to go down this route, please try and keep some of your profits to one side. At least that way, you will be able to come back to us and put our incredible system to work for you.

Trading is all about psychology and discipline. New traders need guidance in order to prevent heavy losses. With modern technology, it is so easy to click into the wrong trade and be biting your nails for the next few hours hoping it will go right.

How do I know this?

After teaching and mentoring literally hundreds of students, the pattern of fear and information overload is a common one.

Get yourself an education for FREE

If you have read my books (Business Trading is currently FREE on Amazon), you will understand what I'm talking about. I highly recommend that you read this book before parting with any money.


Anyone purchasing a trading system will have questions. Let me answer a few for you here:

What is Krautgap?

Krautgap is a mechanical trading system based on the German DAX.

How can Krautgap help me from making mistakes?

1. Krautgap can help you to avoid entering the market at the wrong time. It can help you learn how to trade without emotion and ONLY trade when the right conditions exist.

2. Krautgap incorporates a money management system, so should an unsatisfactory trade unfold, any losses are kept to a minimum.

3. By having a tried and tested framework, Krautgap will give you the confidence to stay with winning trades. Letting your profits run is a guaranteed way to making small losses seem completely insignificant. It is a fundamental key toward generating high overall profits.

The Krautgap trading system includes many benefits, those listed above are just a few of the main ones.

I’d like to think that readers would give themselves the opportunity to benefit from Krautgap BEFORE losing money, or developing habits that are counter productive to what can become a very lucrative and rewarding future. However, becoming a successful trader takes a lot of hard work practice, and commitment.

What you spend your time on is your responsibility

There are lots of other pursuits that could earn you an income, but almost all of them have a learning curve and time commitment.

Unfortunately, it has to be said that Krautgap isn’t for everyone.

For readers who want to invest their time in learning something that could produce a modest income with little risk, neither Krautgap or any trading related discipline probably isn’t for you.

The Dacia Duster. Modest and available at a showroom near you...

The Dacia Duster. Modest and available at a showroom near you...

Photo Credit: M 93 via Compfight cc

Are you ready for privilege and fulfilment?

For those willing to stop living life according to cost and who are open to living life according to benefit, you'll hopefully be ready to lazer focus your efforts toward becoming financially independent. Plus taking time to enjoy the freedom that can come along with it!  The business of trading can be a very worthwhile time investment. I can't force you to be committed, BUT...

If you are ready to learn a craft that has the potential to be positively life changing, you could soon be on your way to mastering a significant life skill that will help to provide a very comfortable standard of living.

The Audi Q8. Available to those prepared to learn.

The Audi Q8. Available to those prepared to learn.

Photo Credit: Alexandre Prévot via Compfight cc

Naturally I’d love for you to attend one of my more expensive seminars, or buy a more advanced trading system from me at a later date.  But I’ve done something rather special with Krautgap. Because I'd like to introduce you to the opportunities trading can present,  I’m releasing KrautGap at under one tenth the price of a top-price system.

If you want to pay in instalments, that’s just £291 in total (that’s not per lesson, by the way!) That’s for the complete 10-part fortnightly course.

A complete gap trading system for the Dax, delivered in a 10 part course.

A complete gap trading system for the Dax, delivered in a 10 part course.

For 3 x monthly payments of £97:

Or save £47 with a discounted special “one-off” payment of £247:

Remember, you need NO prior experience; you DON’T need a lot of money to get started and this system is so simple that a 13-year old could understand it.

If you’ve ever fancied making money from trading but have been put off by the complexity and expense, then KrautGap could be the answer to your prayers. Arguably it’s the world’s simplest and easiest to use trading system. 


Best Regards


John Piper

P.S. I almost forgot to say that all of your profits are TAX-FREE!  How’s that for a bonus!