Having John Piper as your personal consultant could be the best investment you ever make. Here are the steps to ensure your route to trading success:

  • After subscribing, you will complete a detailed Questionnaire that John has prepared. This will establish your trading psychological profile
  • You will then have 10 minute telephone discussion with John in person
  • John will then analyse the results and send you your Personal Review
  • A 2 hour consultancy session can then be arranged, to establish where you are on the road to success, and the next turning you need to take to reach your destination
  • With John appointed as your trading mentor, a full Trader Training consultancy service will be put into place

Trader Training consultancy – 1 year of unparalleled attention for £9,995 (paid £4,995 for the first month then 5 payments of £1,000) this includes:

  • Profit Orientated Mindset + 1 day seminar (usual price £4,950)
  • JPT reports (usual price £445)
  • special 2 hour session (usual price £495)
  • 3 DVDs (usual price £1595)
  • plus personal mentoring and trading advice for a full year

Take the first step on the route to real success